Toddler and daycare provider learning and playing at a preschool in Stockton, CA

18 Months - 2 Years 

So much to learn, so much to do! Being a toddler is such an exciding time for both child and family, everything is new! We appreciate and encourage fun, safe and healthy discovery, providing ample opportunities for cognitive, physical and socio-emotional growth. Fun filled activities include art, dance, music, safe outdoor play, active conversation and dramatic play. Your child will learn essential skills while having fun. 

2-3 Years

3 year old children playing with colorful balls at a preschool in Stockton, CA
Now that your child is a few years old, it's a time of active exploration and constant discovery. Our early leaners program provides opportunities every  day to help your child navigate their environment with confidence and ease. Our loving teachers make learning a treat. At this age children are developing their own personality. We encourage individuality, while also guiding children to socialize with each other. Activities include questions and answers, reading time, spanish language learning, arts, crafts, supervised outdoor play and potty training. 
Preschool girl coloring at a daycare in Stockton, CA.

3-4 Years 

Your little one is now an active learner ready for preschool! Cognitive, social and emotional growth occurs so quickly at this age that it's important to surround your child with positive learning opportunities. Our program is designed to stimulate your child's curiosity and embolden him or her to learn effectively and confidently. Our preschool curriculum is tons of fun and will help your child develop the skills to excel later in life. Activities include tons of singing, talking, playing, reading, counting, and story telling ensuring that your children love learning every day. 
Pre-Kindergarten boy learning science at a daycare in Stockton, CA

4-5 Years

Studies show that children who attend pre-kindergarten have higher rates of success in their future educational journeys than children who do not. Our focus is on developing a strong foundation for cognitive skills to blossom for life. Subjects include math, science, social studies, literacy and physical education. Interactive exercises and individualized guidance from our teachers will make your child's pre-kindergarted experience  memorable and fun. Our pre-kindergarten program leaves children confident, excited and ready to enter kindergarten, here they are ahead of the curve.  
Cartoon image of children jumping and learning Spanish at a daycare in Stockton, CA

2-5 Years 

Knowing a foreign language is an essential skill in our rapidly changing worl. Our first goal with this program is to create an environment that makes learning a language fun. Young children can learn, absorb and retain languages easier than adults. Spanish lessons begin in our toddler rooms and become a part of each classroom instruction. Your child will learn to communicate in spanish through simple phrases and vocabulary.